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diMANSIONS offers journalists/bloggers/vloggers the possibility to request a press accreditation to hit music festival, diMANSIONS.

If you’re interested in obtaining one, please fill in the form for press accreditation here.

The requests for press accreditation can be sent between 1st of April - 31st of May 2019.

Additional information:

Press accreditation for diMANSIONS hit music festival can only be obtained in advance, by filling in the accreditation form which includes the following steps:

Go to the access link to register;
Fill in the fields with the requested information, according to the requested accreditation;
After you filled in the information and sent it out to us, we will send you a confirmation message so you know we registered your information;
Following an accreditation procedure, we will send a confirmation of accreditation on your email address.

For media entity, the maximum limit per editorial office is two accreditations, while for specialty journalists/bloggers/vloggers, the limit is one accreditation. The media accreditations are not nominal, so they are transmissible among the editorial office members. At the same time, the entry will be possible thanks to an unique registry code, which does not allow the registration of a higher number per editorship/journalist or sharing the accreditation to foreign party out of the editorial office.

The accreditation gives free access around the festival area during the event, including the camping area.
The official photographers of diMANSIONS festival will have real time photos for the press on the special created server on At the same time, the organizers can give images for free to accredited people from artists’ archives or diMANSIONS’ if it’s necessary.

Media entities/bloggers/vloggers are asked to follow the accreditation rules in using the photos taken by our official photographs.

Every accredited person is asked to let us know 30 days beforehand if they wish to take an interview with the artists or our organizers. These requests can be made on the The artists will decide themselves, according to their agenda if they give interviews or not. Given the limited time spent at our festival, the Organizer is not responsible for accepting or declining an interview with any of the artists who will perform at diMANSIONS festival. In conclusion, there is the possibility of refusing any interview requests.

Accreditation withdrawal
The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation for not following the given rules or to introduce new rules, in exceptional situations.
Should there be any questions regarding the accreditation, you can contact us on