Mikó Castle

We invite you to get carried away by time on a wonderful land, with a special history for over a century!

    Mikó Castle is a historical monument located in Olteni, Bodoc village on the left side of the Olt river, built in 1827 in classicist style. The castle was named after Mikó Miklós, a count who, according to the legend, built the castle out of the stones of a former, nearby demolished fortress, called Herecz. Archaeological excavations attest to the fact that the whole building was built on the walls of the Roman fortress, which once was here.

    Miko Castle is unique in Transylvania thanks to its well-preserved wall painting series, which capture scenes from social life or evoke scenes from the Napoleonic War - the source of inspiration for this Transylvanian building being the Elysee Palace in Paris, the former residence of Napoleon.

How to get here

This summer, all roads lead to diMANSIONS! If you choose to travel with your personal car, the route is an easy one, as follows:

If you travel from Brașov, take the DN11 and then continue the E578 / DN12. The distance to the hit music festival is around 45 km.

If you travel from Sfântu Gheorghe, you’ll have a short journey, following the DN12 for around 15 km.

The same DN12 must be taken also if you travel from Miercurea Ciuc, for around 55 km.

diMANSIONS organizers offer you means of transport from both Brasov and Sfantu Gheorghe for you to enjoy the colourful experience with a touch of nostalgia, where you will (re)live moments specific to the 80s, 90s and 2000.